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It is the policy of BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED to provide services that satisfy the customer’s needs and meet the specified quality requirements that are in accordance with the contractual specification, Codes and statutory requirements.

In achieving the quality system goals, the company places importance on the tracing and elimination of causes of errors and problems with emphasis on prevention rather than correction. By so doing, we achieve high quality at low cost.

To yield the required customers satisfaction and hence corporate goals, the company unavoidably decided to implement an efficient quality management system based on BS EN 150 9001 and other standards/codes to improve the quality of operations and bring rendering of qualitative services with added value, efficiency and effectiveness.

The management is to determined and ensure that the quality system requirement, work methods procedures, codes and regulation are adhered to by all personnel, ensuring proper training and dissemination of information instruction and philosophies for all staff.

In monitoring and ensuring proper maintenance of the quality system as related to all company activities, a Quality Assurance officer shall be appointed representative on all quality maters. All heads and supervisors are mandatory responsible for the development and adherence to quality assurance system relating to all activities over which the exercise control. Regular audits will be adopted to ensure effective quality system.

I authorize the use of the policy and quality system outlines above to achieve our set corporate objective.






BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED deals with Supplies, Technical Support and Technical Consultancy, with strong emphasis laid down to track affairs/activities within her working environs.

We also provide maintenance and technical support services to the different sectors of the economy including Government and the Oil and Gas industries. In doing these jobs, our collective objection is to operate in the most safe and economic manner. It is also our policy to carry out our operations in such a way that good health, safety and security of our employees and others who may be affected by our work is guaranteed and due care is paid to the environment. CASHES awareness remains the priority of our management and staffs. In order to prevent accidents, proper attitude to safety rules is expected of all employees. This calls for breaking our policy statement into five major categories namely: Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES).


It is the policy of BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED that all activities are to be

Planned and executed in such a way as to:

  •  Prevent injury to and preserve the health of its employees
  •  Ensure the safety of its employees and third parties
  •  Minimize the impact of our activities on our work environment
  •  Ensure the security of lives of all employees and company properties in all locations
  •  Having a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship with our host communities.

All tasks must be done with due consideration of the above CASHES policy. There is high level sought in its implementation. Any employee who considers any activity unsafe should stop the activity immediately.

………………………………                                                     ……………………………….

MANAGING DIRECTOR/CEO                                          DATE


BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED plan and execute all its activities in

Compliance with following guidelines:

  •  Hire local labour whenever possible in order to assist in stimulating the economy of the host community where it operates.
  •  Discourage/resist extortion from any community and report any such behaviour promptly to our client’s representatives.
  • Hire workers to fill only legitimate positions.
  •  Independently show high sense of commitment to the community as liaison officers between ourselves and the communities.
  • As senior staff representative will be appointed to hold discussions and promote good relations with communities.

Organize meetings with client’s representative on community related issues prior to commencement of all activities. Periodic reviews will be carried out. Hire security personnel from the community where it operate by such security personnel will be under adequate supervision by our key staff

Develop its own security plant in consultation with client’s security guidelines to cover all field activities.


It is company policy to carry out activities in such a way that the life of all the employees and other people who may be connected with our operations is safeguard. The company makes adequate provision for personal protective equipment and adheres strictly to the safety precautions required in any area of its operations. To maintain a high safety standard, the company assists and develops staff Health, Safety and Environmental awareness in accordance with out client’s required excellence in achieving this goal while negative attitudes are seriously dealt with. For all jobs, detailed job Safety Analysis/procedures are written and site management held responsibility for its implementation.


It is necessary that early recognition of health hazards is established, assessed and brought under control. The company retains the services of a government registered hospital to take care of its workers. Much emphasis is placed on the promotion of the total health concept and protection of the workers. All workers in our employment must be certified medically fit before employment and annual check-ups will be conducted on a scheduled base. Workers are encouraged to report all kinds of occupational diseases for prompt action.


In recent years, the Federal Government of Nigeria has shown keen interest in the protection/preservation of the environment. Consequently, the Federal Government directed monthly environmental sanitation exercise, which is a nation-wide exercise, is aimed at ensuring a clean and health environment for the citizenry.

We are similarly committed to ensuring a clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work. Environmental sanitation programmes are taken seriously in our company. Physical factors concerning the environment do influence health at work. These factors include lighting, ventilation, humidity and effects of temperature extremes. Serious effort is geared towards minimization of dust released during the course of work, method of use and disposal of injurious chemical are structured and well monitored. Efforts are being made towards reducing noise and fumes generated during operations. Every employee is expected to live in a health and environmentally acceptable atmosphere both at home and at work.


The security of all employees, equipment and property is of utmost importance to our company.

Staff movement log books are keep on all our sites and updated regularly to check workers movement and ensure their safety and security. All employees are provided with company identity cards and the clients’ own (where necessary). Trained staff is on guard twenty-four hours in all work sites.


It is Birdview Services Limited policy that all new activities shall be planned and executed in such a manner as to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment.

The implications of the policy are:

  • The environmental impact of all new activities or developments shall be thoroughly evacuated and the necessary preventive measures implemented.
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) shall be carried out for each new project or activities.
  • An environmental Evacuation Report (EER) shall be produced where significant changes are made to an existing assets.
  • The environmental impact of each operation shall be routinely monitored and corrective action taken as necessary.
  • All practical and reasonable measures shall be taken to minimize the generation of waste and to manage and dispose of unavoidable waste in an environmentally acceptable manner.
  • Waste Management plans shall catalogue waste identification, qualification and appropriate disposal methods.
  • Waste stream shall be monitored and recorded and efforts taken to progressively reduce emission or discharge of waste known to have negative impact on the environment with the eventual aim of eliminating them.
  • Waste records shall cover the full life cycle of each stream and shall provide an auditable trail as to its management and disposal.
  • Past polluted sites shall be investigated and practical/efficient measures put in place to rehabilitate them.
  • Chemicals shall only be used where operationally necessary. In selecting chemical for use, the HSE aspects shall be considered together with commercial and process performance attributes with the aim of choosing the least harmful.
  • All chemicals shall be covered with Safe Handling of Chemicals (SHOC) cards, and shall be acquired, transported, used and disposed of in compliant with DPR, FEPA and Rito Universal Integrated Services Limited regulations.



Managing Director/CEO




It is Birdview Services Limited policy to be ready to respond effectively to any emergency within Birdview Services Limited which threatens the safety of staff, the general public, the environment, the company assets or operations.

The implication of this is directed towards:

  • The response will be directed towards
  • Saving life
  • Caring for the injured
  • Protection of the general public and the government
  • Limitation of damage to assets
  • Defense of the company’s corporate image
  • The appropriate organization, facilitates, procedures and training shall be provided.
  • Close liaison shall be maintained with appropriate government and industry organizations and with host communities.
  • Regular exercise shall be carried out to confirm effectiveness of response and any identified improvements made promptly.



Managing Director/CEO



The management of Birdview Services Limited recognizes negative effect alcohol can have on employee during working hours. Past experience have shown that most accidents occurred because the victims were under the influence of alcohol.

Therefore, it is Birdview Services Limited policy that its employees carry out their task in such a manner that:

  • Is devoid of the influence of alcohol.
  • Doesn’t create unsafe conditions or endanger the life of others that may


be directly or indirectly involve in Birdview Services Limited operations. Consequently, none of Birdview Services Limited employees should consume alcohol or influence others to do so during official hours. Any of Birdview Services Limited employees found contravening the above or found to be under the influence of alcohol during official hours would be summarily dismissed.



Managing Director/CEO




It is Birdview Services Limited basic requirement that special attention is given to all matters of road safety with the aim of reducing road traffic accident.

Drivers are instructed that wearing of seat belt is mandatory and that they are held responsible for the wearing of seat belt by front seat passengers. Drivers are authorized not to move the vehicle when passengers have not complied with the safety rules.

Remember to wear your seat belt always, because defaulters shall have their employment terminated instantly.



Managing Director/CEO