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About BSL

BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED is a registered company with CORPERATE AFAIRS COMMISSION in line with Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990.

About Birdview Security

BIRDVIEW SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED is a licensed security company approved by the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number: RC. 1044272, as security practitioners. Its mandate is to carry out several security operations in Nigeria with expertise in security provisions, communication installations, intelligence gathering and surveillance duties to ensure that pipeline facilities, communication installations, electrical installations and other facilities at various locations within Nigeria are no longer vandalised. In view of the current trend of insecurity in our nation, arising from insurgencies, armed robbery and all sinister attacks on government properties and oil facilities, there is an urgent need for conscious efforts to be made towards bringing sanity to the policy.

We wish to state categorically that our security company is built on pedestal of integrity and high ethics, professionalism, and a legacy of excellence, whose antecedents in security management is well appreciated by our clients. However, our major concern is to support the federal government parastatals, corporate companies, organizations, individuals etc security wise, with a view to deploying persons with good conduct and knowledge in security policing to protect estates, premises from intruders, burglars, armed robbers and also to protect pipeline facilities located in the sea and hinterland from vandalisation as well as protect expatriate employees from kidnapping and gruesome murder.

The duty of Birdview Security Services Limited is to function as a secret/information unit to you and your organization for privilege information with regards to your facilities and your life on daily reporting. This will ensure that the facilities are fully fortified to commensurate with the contemporaries and to empower the youths for economic survival and create jobs to bring total peace in our society.

The Nigerian Security Agencies are doing a lot in curbing menace of insecurity in our country in the area of protection of lives and properties. We have to complement its effort. This is where the role of Birdview Security Services Limited comes in. In order to complement every security effort, Birdview is technically and professionally poised to perform all others and includes:

  •  To carry on the business of a security firm and to provide for the physical protection of persons and property. To supply any person or persons (Corporate and Un-incorporate) with ideas, plans, strategy, advice, information and all other assistance required to meet security operations.
  • To train, equip, provide and supply security guards, bodyguards, patrol officers, handlers, investigators, assessors, detective chauffeurs and security personnel of every description. To deal in and install close circuit television (CCTV) for monitoring.
  •  To breed, raise, train, supply and deal in guard dogs, guide dogs, watchdogs, sniffers, gun dogs, hunting dogs, attack dogs and all animals required for security or other purposes and to deal in animal supplies. To plan, devise, produce, install, set up, establish, maintain, use and sell security systems and equipment whether or not in relation to fixed property and promises or to transit requirements (including the conveying of cash and valuables) and to deal in telecommunication systems and equipment (not limited to security systems).
  •  To supply and deal (or manufacture) alarms, security lights, anti-burglary devices, fire detectors, surveillance and security equipment and materials of all kinds. To equip, maintain, supply and deal in security training.
  •  To carryout business as proprietors and managers of the deposits, depositories and repositories. To provide services and facilities instruction and also for fitness, self-defence and combat training.

Furthermore, in this advance level of in-security as experienced recently in our nationhood, we therefore urge you to partner with Birdview Security Services Limited who have the professional and conceptual skills to produce the best result in security services. We also give routine orientations, good conduct and method of report writing which must be submitted daily for vetting for onward transmission to the designated officer as would be approved by you.


  • To provide professional and consultancy services with the best of our ability to clients.
  •  To avoid injury on any workers, sub-contractors and third parties who may be affected by activities of Birdview Services Limited.
  •  To minimize the impact on the environment in which BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED operates.
  •  to work in harmony with the host communities in order to promote a healthy and beneficial relationship to foster long term cooperation and understanding between BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED, our client and the host community.


  •  To establish and maintain a documented Quality System.
  •  To demonstrate compliance with ISO Standard 9001
  •  To Effectively Communicate to all Employee the Benefits of implementing a Quality System to Comply with ISO Standard 9001.


BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED is capable to undertake any volume of job within the scope of our specialization. The primary business objective of the company is to undertake services and supplies of Petroleum products, Safety Equipment, Industrial chemicals, Leasing, Hiring and Engineering projects for oil and gas field development for oil, gas and energy related project. In addition to its provides consultancy services, contract operations, and project management services to the upstream and downstream oil and gas industries.


When awarded a contract, BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED’s first priority is to meet with all key individuals involved in the project to review every aspect of the project and to schedule each phase of the work in line with the project completion date.


Our seasoned labour force uses machinery, equipment and hand tools that are in excellent working condition.


Safety manager co-ordinates BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED’s entire safety program. His leadership in training the work force creates a safety consciousness that is carried into the workplace. By pre-job safety planning meetings, morning toolbox talk, continuously enforcement of wearing of safety gears, reporting, investigating and follow-up of accident reports. He conducts regular, unscheduled jobsite inspection to keep safety in the forefront. He also teaches hazard communication.


BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED primarily provides procurement, supplies, leasing, hiring and operations services for energy development projects. In projects where BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED does not serve as a prime turnkey contractor, its organizational expertise is available for technical and commercial consulting services. BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED have privilege to supply general goods and services. Run by a goal driven management team, BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED is directed and managed by a team of professionals.


BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED has various equipment necessary for the successful execution of contracts, which we are qualified for. All necessary PERSONNEL, plant/equipment and materials are mobilized to work and generally made ready to commence work once a contract has been awarded.


BIRDVIEW SERVICES LIMITED shall mobilized for execution of our project immediately on award, which ensures that project is completed on schedule without delay.